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Don’t Skimp When it Comes to Your Truck Parts

Quality is key when it comes to semi-tractor trailers and their automotive parts. While it’s enticing to buy parts and accessories that are an inexpensive store brand, they tend to lack quality and often lead to problems for semi-tractor trailers drivers and mechanics down the road.


The engine of a semi-truck is six times bigger than the engine of a standard car in size and weight. Engines of semi-truck trailers are designed to run all the time. From one coast to another and town to town, these trucks need to get where they’re going without breaking down. Giving up quality truck parts for a cheaper alternative can cause a range of problems from overheating to noisy, inadequate brakes.


For example, the water pump is responsible for circulating coolant throughout the cylinder head and engine block. Proper distribution allows the engine to cope with the internal heat produces and continue running effectively. A lesser quality pump will have to be changed more often. They also can leak coolant, preventing the right amount getting to the engine. Last but not least, they can have defective impellers, which cause noise and disruption.


All of these problems can lead to overheating. Short-term overheating will cause truck drivers to have to stop, inspect the engine and maybe add coolant delaying their trip. Long-term the engine could be permanently damaged and result in expensive repair or replacement. Another part that could lead to overheating is a low-end thermostat.


Installing generic brake pads on trailers can also be a bad decision. These types of brake pads deteriorate easily and don’t last nearly as long as a higher quality brand, which means more replacing and more downtime for semi-truck trailers. Brakes like this will also squeak and squeal causing a disturbance and pure annoyance for the driver.


Saving money by purchasing generic, store brand trailer parts can save money off the bat, but often costs more money and time in the long run. While installing quality parts in a semi-truck trailer can prevent replacements, repairs and lost time for the driver and clients.

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